Tuesday, September 10, 2013

the lottery

foreshadowing- clues or events in a story that hint to what will happen later.
in paragraph 2 the children gather stones.

homework 4 more foreshadows.....
1. the name of the box
2. black is death
3. mr.graves
4. referring to the cross

1) Through “The Lottery,” what point does Shirley Jackson

make about tradition? So the people that practice the tradition value it while outsiders look at it as strange.

• Identify at least one piece of evidence to support your


Foreshadowing is an advance sign or warning of what is to

come in the future.

2) What foreshadowing clues does Shirley Jackson

incorporate into her story? done

Setting is the physical location and time in which a story

takes place. To identify setting, we must note the specific

details the author provides concerning: a. The story’s

location. b. The time in which the action takes place.  c. The

social environment of the characters.

3) What is the setting for “The Lottery”? Why is that so

important to the theme of the story? In a small town in america, can happen at any time or place.

Mood can be defined as: the feeling a text conveys to readers.

4) What mood does “The Lottery” instill in its readers? How

does it do this? it goes from very happy to tense and dark. Characters act nervously and scared.

5) What do we know about when the lottery was started? It was a long time ago.

6) How do the townspeople feel about making changes to

the lottery? How do you know? they didn't like making changes and never made big changes to it.

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