Tuesday, September 3, 2013

summer reading post

     I chose this book because it related to me in which the main character, Sami, is a persian kid. I too am a persian kid and Sami is also 15 years old.
     This book is about a troubled 15 year old persian kid that gets made fun of and has 2 best friends that have been with him through thick and thin. He experiences minor racism remarks about his appearance and his family. Mid way through the book his dad gets accused of being a terrorist and mastermind of a terrorist plot. Sami doesn't believe it at all so he thinks to himself that his dad is just having an affair. But then he finds out that only he can get to the bottom of this. At the end he will find out he has a brother that his dad visits that is what gets him in trouble in the first place. His dad is released at the end and he told the truth about everything to Sami. The truth was that he had an affair before he was born with another woman and thats how the "Terrorist" is his brother.
     My favorite part of this book is the part when Sami and his two friends get in the "death mobile" which is the car and drive to his summer house and take the boat to hermit island. They drink and do misc. stuff on the island but at the end they find a scary guy with a gun saying get off my property ad they get away from that conflict and then they are closer than ever before.
     The worst part of the book is that the action of the book starts at the midway point so the beginning of the book is sort of boring but after halfway it is way better and suspenseful. 
     I would recommend this to my friends because we will not all be involved with terrorists but we can relate to the teenage years of sami.
     BOOK RATE:9/10

     I believe this book should be used again because of the relation kids can have to it.

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  1. Arsham,

    This book does open one's eyes about treating other people, especially in this day and age.

    From the entry, you sound like you really liked this book. I think you missed some important elements in the summary, though.

    Overall this was very well done.

    Score: 48/50